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About Jamie Walker

I graduated with an honours degree from The University of the West of Scotland in 2011.

I have photographed weddings, live theatre, party nights, landscapes, family portraits, cosplay and more.
I pride myself on capturing memories that people never wish to forget.

Family is everything to me and capturing your special day with your family is paramount. 

I live in the East End of the City of Glasgow. This is a vibrant city which has no shortage of theatre, art, families and events.

I've travelled all over Italy as can be seen in my portfolio and wherever I go my camera is never usually far behind.

At weddings I've had people tell me how good it is that they don't feel like I've been a disturbance on their day. People have said how I fit right in to the wedding party and thats exactly what I do with every wedding.

In getting to know the bride and groom I look to capture not just images but the atmosphere.

Please head over to my portfolio and check out the weddings section, if you like what you see simply hit the contact button and let me know what I can do to help you.

Thank you for your visit and time today.